The new Schäffer 9640 T: Tele wheel loader of the next generation


With the 9640 T, Schäffer presents the new generation of tele wheel loaders. The successor of the very successful 9630 T has come forward with a brand new design and fulfills all requirements of the Tier IV final/stage emissions standards. With a speed of up to 40km/h, SDCT-drive (Schäffer Dual Clutch Transmission) and eco-driving mode, the machine offers never-before-known possibilities. With the new SCV-plus-cabin, the machine sets high standards in the area of driving comfort and ergonomics.

The 9640 T stands for a new generation of machines at Schäffer. The 100 kW / 136 HP Deutz-motor and the new driving concept ensures power and agility. The new, dynamic design of the tele wheel loader underscores this. The fulfillment of the Tier IV final/stage emissions standards has been attained without a maintenance-intensive diesel particle filter - a huge advantage with regard to the ongoing operating costs.

With an operating weight of between 8,400 and 9,700 kg, a lifting height of 5.40 m and a lifting capacity of 4,200 kg, the new tele wheel loader offers ideal conditions for challenging load work in large agricultural enterprises, contractor companies and biogas plants. The load-sensing-operating hydraulics with 145 l/min flow rate, the 24-inch tyres and the hydraulically-powered fans are among the series' features. Reverse drive can be activated with the push of a button. The cleaning of the radiator is carried out during operation - this is of particular advantage, especially in dusty working conditions.

The 9640 T is equipped with "SDCT" drive in the 40 km/h version. SDCT stands for ”Schäffer Dual Clutch Transmission“: a Schäffer-patented design that combines the advantages of a powershift transmission with the advantages of hydrostatic drive. Driving is electronically controlled, which allows for the high efficiency of the vehicle.

The 9640 T is especially efficient in ECO-driving mode, a feature of the 40 km/h version. During transport operations, the engine revolutions reduce automatically from 2,300 RPM to 1,800 RPM - while still maintaining the same speed. This allows for ca. 10% fuel saving. In addition to a reduction in operating costs, further advantages of the ECO-driving mode are a reduced noise level and environmentally friendly-use. With increased performance demand, the electronics automatically shift back to full torque. Depending on the vehicle's features, is can also be licensed as a tractor with a permitted towing capacity of 16 t.

An additional highlight of the vehicle is the new SCV-plus cabin. SCV stands for ”Silence, Comfort, View“. The cabin has been further upgraded in the Plus-version. Even at first sight, the clean dashboard and ergonomic controls create a high-quality total impression. The joystick is even easier to handle, additional functions facilitate and expedite work. Generous glazing offers the driver optimal all-round visibility The ignition lock is located in a console, together with the controls for the heat and optional air conditioning, within immediate proximity of the joystick. A new airflow concept and adjustable side windows allow for optimal fresh air supply. The new SCV-plus cabin will give the driver a completely new feeling for comfort and ergonomics.


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