The Ministry of Agriculture has distinguished EZ AGRAR: "The future of Austria is in the rural regions!"


EZ AGRAR was distinguished with the Homeland Worth Living (Heimat.Land.Lebenswert.) project organized by Agricultural Minister Andrä Rupprechter and Upper Austrian Provincial Parliamentarian Max Hiegelsberger.

The Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water laid the foundation for the "Land Masterplan :" Divided into 14 subject areas, current issues and challenges were summarized, evaluated and discussed with leading companies.

The focus points:
• Agriculture and Forestry industry, Industry and Environment
• Infrastructure, Mobility
• Living on the land - Fairness, Associations, Education, Tourism, Cuisine
• Social Responsibility
• Digital Community

Agricultural Minister Andrä Rupprechter is putting this strategy for the future of the land into action with the help of strong partners such as EZ AGRAR. The goal is to improve the general conditions for the people in the regions, sustainably and comprehensively.

With targeted funding for people employed in the agricultural and forestry industries, such as interest-free construction loans for the creation and renovation of housing space or various subsidies; the goal is to counteract the general trend of rural depopulation. Rupprechter's plan to place federal authorities in areas away from the urban centers has been received very positively.

”With his materplan for the rural areas, Rupprechter is taking action exactly where it is necessary. Every initiative towards the preservation of jobs in rural areas has our full support.“, explains DI Mag. Karl Lugmayr, CEO of the EZ AGRAR Group.


"He who stops being better stops being good." Our claim to superb quality and performance is high: For service, for our products and for the advancement our employees. We are particularly pleased that our daily work and our achievements have been awarded special honors.

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