SIP – new S-FLOW linkage illustrates the most innovative design of the mower mounting cutter bar


The S-FLOW linkage of SILVERCUT DISC F front-mounted mower has contributed to improved soil quality.

SILVERCUT DISC F front-mounted mowers adapt perfectly to the terrain and allow for quick, even mowing over large surfaces, while the S-FLOW linkage contributes to improved soil quality.

The center of gravity of the SILVERCUT DISC F front-mounted mower is very close to that of a tractor. Suspension with horizontal leveling allows for perfect adaptation to the ground on both flat and steep terrain. The SILVERCUT DISC F is easy to operate. The construction is very robust and guarantees a long lifetime.

The S-FLOW Linkage has an innovative suspension system design. The system allows for perfect adaptation to the ground in combination with hydropneumatic discharge, ensuring even pressure on the surface of the ground and a clean cut.


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