Quicke presents the new loader series Q-series in Austria.


Sales training May 2017

Ålö, the wordwide leading manufacturer of front loaders is bringing a brand new, unique front loader series to market. The Q-series front loaders will significantly improve the efficiency of agricultural business. The key performance characteristics allow for increased lifetime, optimal overview, excellent responsiveness and fully-integrated sensor technology.

The Q-Series is a new generation of front loader with numerous improvements and new performance characteristics. The Q-Series, however, is not just a new product line. It is an innovative system that will significantly improve agricultural business and make work easier for all of its users. "I am proud to say that we are bringing our customers into the future and that the journey has just begun," explains Christian HÖglinger, Sales Director at EZ AGRAR.

A module of the new system is the Q-Companion™, a fully integrated support system for load handling, composed of an integrated weighing system, a positioning aid and adaptive maintenance suggestions. The innovative system facilitates work with loaders of the next generation with the help of state-of-the-art sensor technology. But the Q-Companion™ is more than this; namely, it is a platform for future developments, because Ålö is constantly striving to improve its products.


"He who stops being better stops being good." Our claim to superb quality and performance is high: For service, for our products and for the advancement our employees. We are particularly pleased that our daily work and our achievements have been awarded special honors.

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